About us


Our advantages
  • specialization and experience in manufacturing office articles made of PP film
  • progressive and systematically modernized machinery park
  • innovative organization and technology solutions that ensure the highest production efficiency
  • own plant and high quality home made material
  • experienced and qualified staff

Production technologies
  • polypropylene film extrusion
  • automatic heat sealing of PP film
  • automatic ultrasonic welding of PP film
  • blind or colour hot printing on products

Inter-folia is a european leading manufacturer of polypropylene film office products for document storage, sorting and protection.

The company was established in 1994 as the first polish manufacturer of punched pockets. Thanks to a consistent extension of its offer the company gained customers quickly both in Poland and on the european markets.

Since 1998 commercial activities and production have been carried out at own business premises. Launching in 2005 of own production of PP film designed for the manufacture of a wide range of high european quality products was one of the most important steps in company development.

Technologies applied by the company are PP film production using the cast method and automatic thermal and ultrasonic welding. High advance technologies and efficiency of machinery park allow us to deliver mass quantities of products in a short terms and thereby successfully execute the most demanding orders and projects.

Specialization and experience, regular implementation of innovative technological and organizational solutions as well as using self-made high quality polypropylene film made our products fully compliant with the requirements of domestic, european and global markets.

Our partners are leading distributors and wholesalers, chain stores and smaller companies. In many cases cooperation is based on long-term contracts. Assortment offer of punched pockets, document folders and flat files is constantly expanded and adjusted to market conditions, in particular to the needs and expectations of our customers.